Tūī farewells the day with a song,

as the sleepy sun tiptoes away.

Darkness settles softly.

Birds close their eyes.

All is quiet.

All is still ... or is it?

Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep

Written and illustrated by Deborah Hinde

Published by PictureBook Publishing

ISBN: 9780--473-51520-1

Follow Little Kiwi and meet his forest friends, as he hunts for food for a midnight feast, escapes a nasty predator and arrives back to his burrow safe and sound as the sun rises.


Sleep Little Kiwi Sleep introduces young children to nocturnal creatures that are busy with their ‘day’,while they themselves are tucked up in bed fast asleep.


Sleep Little Kiwi, Sleep is the perfect bedtime story for sleepy little kiwis. The language has a lovely gentleness to it which complements the illustrations of the night forest.

The book also includes a Te reo Māori translation of some of the creatures featured in the illustrations and text.